Biodiversity area

This line of work is dedicated to the applied study of Biodiversity in all its aspects, both the conservation of wild species, the agrobiodiversity, the screening of meta-populations, etc.

The objectives of this area are focused on the development and commercialization of products and services that that will lead to an improvement of:

  • The preservation of local (autochthonous) varieties of farming species.
  • The understanding and identification of effects before the loss of biodiversity.
  • The importance perceived by society on the repercussions of the loss of biodiversity.
  • The knowledge and application of molecular tools, by the administrations, as a key for the management of natural resources and the preservation of biodiversity.

BIOGENETICS feels a special commitment to the conservation of wild species. We are pioneers in the application of molecular and genetic ecology techniques to this field. Throughout numerous projects, different technologies have been developed, both genomic analysis and statistical data processing for the study of population genetics, phylogenetics, phylogeography, etc.

The high efficiency achieved makes it possible the application of these tools in the field of biodiversity preservation, a field that until now was reserved exclusively for research groups because of its high cost and complexity.