BIOGENETICS will develop a microdevice for cell viability analysis, capable of determining the total load of viable microorganisms present in fermented alcoholic beverages or other similar food products, in order to allow their better microbiological control and extend their commercial-life. .

Most of the antimicrobial methods used in the beverage industry alter the organoleptic properties, therefore, and especially for certain products, it is appropriate to develop solutions that allow a better preventive control, which makes it possible to maintain the overall quality of the drinks by prolonging its life..

Based on biochemical techniques that determine cellular vitality through the analysis of metabolic activity, STAMPED will offer a practically instantaneous reading of the total microbial load, with an autonomous and easy-to-use operation by unqualified personnel.

The STAMPED device, thanks to the described characteristics, can be implemented directly in the production chains, providing a global solution to the problem of the development of unwanted microorganisms, to increase the quality and the useful life of the product.