Who we are


We develop new technologies for the practical application of omic sciences (genomics, transcriptomics, ...) in the Agrifood, Farming and Biodiversity preservation sectors.


We are a company founded in 2013 and endorsed by more than twenty years of experience in molecular biology, which gives us the ability to develop solutions beyond the 'state of the art'.

Currently, our facilities are located in the Innovation Center of the Álava Technology Park (BIC Building), in the town of Miñano, Vitoria-Gasteiz (Álava). In the coming months, we will respond to BIOGENETICS's corporate grow with the transfer of our laboratory to new facilities located in Portal de Zurbano street in Vitoria-Gasteiz, with an area of ​​more than 500 m2 and the most advanced and complete equipment, which will constitute a benchmark in the sector.>

Biotechnology for a BETTER FUTURE

We are convinced of the importance of Biotechnology for a better future. With this vision, we work in the technological development and the state-of-the-art. R+D+i one of the pillars of our company (investment rate of 28%), and we apply the most demanding standards of quality in all our activities.

Our knowledge and experience, together with the most advanced equipment, makes BIOGENETICS® a European reference in genomic services and molecular diagnostics, which is the main engine of our company to offer us the real opportunity to helps to build a better future.

Commitment to QUALITY

Maintaining a position of reference as a key ally of the Agrifood sector to transmit confidence to consumers and add value to their productions would not be possible without the most sincere and profound commitment to the most demanding quality standards.

For this reason, we apply ISO 9001, 14000 and 17025 standards for our quality assurance and accreditation of competence, which are in the process of certification in our new facilities.

The commitment to the quality of BIOGENETICS® is also supported by the main players in the sector, such as Illumina Inc., which distinguishes us with one of its only two Propel certifications in the Spanish state.

Commitment to SOCIETY

The mission of our company has an eminently social focus, from the improvement of quality and food security to the protection of the fragile rural ecosystem. We believe tha the improvement in agrifood production processes translates directly into better quality products, which make us eat better and therefore, together with advances in medicine, live longer.

From the top regarding personal liberties and gender equality, our policy favors the creation of quality employment in our geographical environment. Practically all of our workforce comes from Basque Country and maintains an indefinite relationship with the Company. With these actions, we try to contribute not only to the attraction, but first of all to the retention of talent.

We think that training and research are, without a doubt, two key investments for any society and its reversal involves the use of the talent that they can provide. Faithful to our social commitment, the totality of our staff is integrated by professionals with the highest level of training.

Commitment to the CULTURE of Innovation

Today, humanity has an unprecedented amount of knowledge, paradoxically we speak of new terms like 'infoxication'. The knowledge of the genome and the life sciences in general have developed during the last years at a particularly vertiginous rhythm, giving a crucial importance to the dissemination that allows the society to appreciate its relevance about the future.

Our contribution in this field leads us to the development of diverse and numerous actions: from the diffusion in different forums, to activities of vocational inspiration such as the IkasEkiten program. Complemented with active internship and research programs, both higher education and FP.