Genomic services

Genomic services

We are EXPERTS in sequencing and we provide pre- and post-sequencing advice, as well as all the technological platforms of the market (Sanger, NGS, Single Molecule Real Time - SMRT) to ensure your results.

Our goal is to ALWAYS concrete RESULTS; with the highest quality, at the best price and in the shortest time.

To do this, it is essential an adequate formulation of the experiment from its origin, as well as a correct selection of the ideal technological platform.

  • Long-read Sequencing (MinION)
  • Highly Repetitive DNA Sequences
  • DNA sequencing: de novo sequencing, resequencing, directed sequencing (WGS, WES, NGS panels ...)
  • RNA sequencing: transcriptomic-gene expression (total RNA, small RNA ...)
  • Metagenomics: shotgun and amplicon sequencing (16S / ITS, ...)
  • Epigenetics: bisulfite sequencing
  • Genotyping: analysis of molecular markers (SNPs, CNVs, VNTRs, ...).
  • Multi-platform approach

Gold Lab Distinction (GOLD) is an account modality reserved only for research groups with an accredited solvency and scientific career.