2DNA is a scannable code with a mobile phone, similar in functionality to a QR code, which contains all the genetic information about the identity and qualitative characteristics of a food, allowing a fast and secure access to genetic information. They are the only scannable codes specifically designed to store food genetic information and represent a new concept in the molecular bio-identification.

2DNAs, like QR codes, are two-dimensional codes (2D). 2DNA codes store information in both the X coordinate and the Y coordinate, unlike a barcode, for example, that only stores information in the X coordinate. 2DNA codes store from the identity of the product to its nutritional characteristics, related to health, gastronomic, productive ...; without the space restrictions imposed by the physical size of the labels.

The new version of the 2DNA code improves the depth of the data by incorporating color to the codes. Until now, 2DNA codes were in black and white, which limited the amount of information stored. By including the color in the new version, the capacity increases considerably, increasing the information associated with it. In addition, following the forefront of technology, the new version of the 2DNA code will incorporate the BLOCKCHAIN ​​technology, improving the security by making it virtually impossible to duplicate or fraudulently use.

The 2DNA codes present a series of exclusive advantages:

  • Real. 2DNA code provides analytical information based on DNA. The characteristics or identity of the food are real. In addition, this approach allows a counter analysis to be performed at any time to verify the code or replace its loss. This makes it more reliable than any other seal.
  • Secure.Security is a key aspect, because anyone can verify, at any time quickly and easily, the information of a product. For this purpose, 2DNA codes have been endowed with maximum security both against their own (incorrect use) and others (falsification), in addition to the possibility of being checked analytically in any laboratory.
    • Incorrect use. The placement of a 2DNA code by mistake is impossible due to the extensive information provided on the identity and traceability of the product (production date and expiration, identity and contact of the producer, genetic identity of the product, distributor, total quantity of the lot and quantity sold).
    • Falsification. It is impossible, because it is a proprietary code which generation procedure is protected by industrial secrecy. 2DNA codes implement a AES256 encryption, so it is virtually impossible to decipher the way to generate the codes.